Searching and finding a job

What is the quickest way to find a suitable job?

A complete profile is the key to getting hired

How do I find new jobs as a cleaning company on Doméstico24?

A complete profile of your company is the key to getting direct clients

How does the contact between me and the employer work?

Private domestic helpers If you have found a job offer that interests you, you can write to the employer via the message function on our platform to apply for their job offer. Please note that with the basic account you will only be able to send one message per day, to send unlimited messages you w

I cannot apply for jobs. What do I have to do?

Learn about our membership types for private cleaners and companies. Private domestic help To apply for job offers, you must sign up as a private domestic helper. With your basic membership, you will be able to send one application per day. To send unlimited messages to job offers, you will need a

I can't find any jobs near me. What can I do?

Use our distance filter

Why does no one answer my messages?

Make sure your yob profile looks nice, complete and it is verified

Where do I see sent messages?

Get to know your "messages" section

I don't want to receive any more job offers by e-mail. What do I have to do?

Get to know your "settings" area