How does Doméstico24 work?

On Doméstico24, private persons and companies can search for suitable houesekeepers and cleaning companies and contact them directly.
The housekeepers are not employed by us and do not have to pay us a commission when they accept orders.

The fastest way to find the right domestic help

With us you will find a large selection of household helpers across Spain. Here is a step by step instruction on how to find the right support for your household as soon as possible.

Describe what you are searching for


You describe what you are looking for as precisely as possible, e.g. how big your flat is, what tasks will be involved or how often the domestic help should come.

Get started now

Receive applications


Suitable domestic helpers in your area will automatically be informed of your request and will contact you if they are interested. Usually you will receive your first applications within a few hours.

Search for more domestic helpers


Use the search function to find suitable domestic helpers (e.g. cleaning ladies, cleaning men or ironing help).

Make contact


Once you have found suitable domestic helpers, the next step is to contact them.

Arrange initial interview and trial work


If you have a good feeling, you can arrange an initial interview and a trial work with the domestic helper.

Hire your domestic helper


You have found a suitable domestic help? Congratulations! If the domestic helper is not self-employed, you can hire them directly, so that they can start right away.

Find domestic help easily

From cleaning lady to garden helper: On Doméstico24 you will find a large number of domestic helpers across Spain. Get started today and receive the first applications after a few hours.