How do I register my domestic service with the Social Security System?

Since 1 January 2023, the employer has full responsibility for the registration — and unregistration — of the employer with the General Social Security Treasury. It also includes an obligation to report any any changes in working hours, type of contract, or salary during an ongoing employment.

This means: Should you not have registered your domestic helper, you are legally responsible for any costs that an accident may infer, including disability, should it occur.

People hiring domestic service for the first time must first apply for the Contribution Account Code: Form TA.7.

The registration must happen before the start of the work in your home, while a request for unregistration or change of employment data must be done within 3 calendar days of the termination / change of the employment. Download the Social Security form here: registration of domestic employees — Form TA.2/S-0138.

The new portal of the Social Security Treasury Import@ss offers all the information you need to proceed with all the legal formalities to register your person directly on the portal.