Employment of the domestic help

What is considered a fair hourly wage?

The hourly wage for domestic helpers (incl. social security contributions) in Spain is between € 8.50 and € 15, with regional differences. The domestic helpers on Doméstico24 determine their hourly wage themselves based on their experience and qualifications — and they state this in their profile.

Do I have to insure my domestic help?

Domestic helpers must be registered with the Social Security System and therewith then have benefits similar to those of other workers under the General Social Security System, including health care, temporary disability, maternity, unemployment, and retirement included. In order to have these benef

Do I have to register my domestic help with the Social Security system?

This depends on the regime of employment of your domestic help: Regular employment directly by you in your home YES, even if you only have domestic help for a few hours a week, you must register with Social Security from the first hour of work. This is also the most important obligation for the

How do I register my domestic service with the Social Security System?

Since 1 January 2023, the employer has full responsibility for the registration — and unregistration — of the employer with the General Social Security Treasury. It also includes an obligation to report any any changes in working hours, type of contract, or salary during an ongoing employment. Th

I am looking for cleaning help for my company. How do I hire them?

You can employ your domestic helper through general workers employment regime in your company. If you are currently a private customer, please change your account to a company account. To do this, you can scroll all the way down under My job offer and click on "Create Company Profile" in the "Are

In which case may a domestic helper work on account?

Only a cleaning company will be able to issue an invoice for the services provided. For private cleaners, you, as the employer, are the only responsible for all Social Security formalities. For more information on this topic, you can visit our articles: Do I have to register my domestic service

Do I have to pay Social Security contibutions?

The social security contribution depends on your mode of employment: Regular employment The bases of contribution for common and work-related contingencies are determined on the basis of the contributions scale, depending on the salary of the domestic employee. Since the entry into force of Roya

Do I need a written work contract with the domestic help?

We would generally recommend a written contract and you can find templates below. Legally, the contract may be written or oral, according to the ordinary employment law. However, if it is a fixed-term contract of more than four weeks or if otherwise required by law, it must be in written form.

Do I have to register with the Social Security system a domestic helper even for a one-off assignment?

Remember that domestic help must always be registered with the Social Security

Can I deduct the costs for domestic help from my Income Tax Return?

Make sure you know all about IRPF

What happens if the domestic help quits?

The Royal Decree-Law 16/2022 of 6 September regulates the special employment relationship of domestic workers, but does not specify the procedure for resignations or voluntary resignations. Therefore, it is necessary to refer to Article 49 of the Workers' Statute, which states that notice of volunta