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Aspectos a considerar antes comenzar a buscar

Consideraciones a tener en cuenta para definir a la persona que necesitas antes de lanzarte a buscar

Finding the perfect household help

You have decided to hire a domestic helper, but you don't know exactly how to proceed? To make this process easier for you, we have put together a few tips for you. The initial interview Usually, the first contact is made by phone. Trust your gut feeling, get a first get a first impression and

I have selected 2-3 top candidates. How do I decide now?

After the successful initial contact between you and your future cleaner, ask for references and work certificates. If you still have a good impression, arrange an initial interview and an appointment for a trial assignment. It is best to be at home while the work you want is being done. This way yo

Do I have to pay for a trial assignment?

It is best to agree in advance with your domestic helper if and how much you should pay for the trial assignment. Usually 30-60 minutes are enough to determine the quality of the work. If the trial work takes longer, you should of course pay for it.

I have found the right domestic helper. What happens next?

Congratulations! Time to move forwards with formalities

What is the best way to introduce my new domestic helper?

During the introduction, it is important that your new domestic help quickly finds their way around. Therefore, address topics such as: What chores should be done? Are there sensitive objects that need to be handled with special care? Where will cleaning materials, irons etc. be kept?

What is the quickest way to find the right domestic help?

Before you start looking for a suitable domestic helper, think about the type and duration of the tasks involved. Does the domestic help need special previous knowledge or a lot of experience? Once you have a concrete picture, you can start your search on Doméstico24 and create a job offer. Provide

How can I save suitable candidates on my favourites list for later?

You can save suitable candidates in your favourites list for later. This way you can compare suitable domestic helpers and choose the best ones. If you want to save a domestic helper in your favourites list, click on the heart symbol on the profile picture. You can find your favourites list later l

How does the contact between me and the domestic help work?

Create your account, publish your job offer and start searching for your perfect domestic help

I cannot contact a domestic helper. What do I have to do?

Make sure you created the correct profile type

There are very few domestic helpers in my area. What can I do?

Use our distance filter

Why is no one applying to my job offer?

Make sure your yob offer looks nice, complete and trustworthy

Do I have to search through domestic helpers myself or is it enough to just look at the applications for my job offer?

You must not, but you surely can

Why do I get unsuitable applications?

Make sure your yob offer is complete and describe exactly what you need

How does the automatic rejection function work?

Inform easily and fast to the applicants that you are not interested

I receive e-mails with the subject "You have received a new message on Doméstico24". How do I read these messages?

Your messages also arrive to your e-mail, but they are stored in your Doméstico24 account

How do I enable/disable e-mail notifications that there are new members in my area?

Get to know your "settings" area

How can I rate my domestic helper on Doméstico24?

Let other users know how your domestic help did the job

¿Cómo puedo poner una valoración a mi empleado/a del hogar en Doméstico24?

Para valorar a un empleado/a del hogar en Doméstico24, sigue estos pasos: Inicia sesión en Doméstico24. Abre el perfil de la persona que deseas valorar. Haz clic en el botón "Evalúa a un usuario". Ten en cuenta que este botón solo aparece cuando hay una conversación activa entre tú y la p