What is Doméstico24 and how does it work for domestic cleaners?

Doméstico24 is a platform where employers and domestic helpers can find each other. We are the first and largest provider in Spain, which means that if you create a profile with us and present your service, you have the best chance of finding suitable jobs in your area.

It works like a kind of contact database, i.e. the domestic helpers are not employed by us and do not have to pay us a commission later if they accept jobs.

Private domestic helpers use our platforms free of charge. Self-employed domestic helpers and cleaning companies use our platform for a small monthly fee.

And this is the quickest way to find suitable jobs:

  1. Create a profile and describe as precisely as possible what you offer. Also post a nice photo - profiles with a photo have a 3x higher chance of getting a job.
  2. If a suitable job offer is posted in your area, you will receive an e-mail notification and can apply for it via the message function.
  3. If you wish, you can also search for suitable job offers on our platform and apply for them yourself.
  4. If you want your profile to receive more attention, you can become a premium member for a small fee. Then you can see who has visited your profile, and your profile will be displayed higher up in the search.
  5. If they are interested, the employer will reply to your application and arrange an initial interview and a trial placement with you.
  6. If the employer is satisfied with the trial assignment and you want to accept the job, they hire you legally, i.e. they register you with the Social Security and pay the related contributions.

Find out more about how Doméstico24 works here: How do I quickly find suitable jobs on Doméstico24?.