Do I get my wages when I am sick?

Yes, just like any other workers, domestic helpers have the right to take sick leave and receive a benefit while they're unable to work due to temporary incapacity. However, it's important to know that the benefit doesn't cover 100% of their salary, but rather a reduced amount.

The specific deduction from your salary depends on the reason for your sick leave. But here's some good news: starting from 1st April 2023, you're no longer required to submit sick leave reports. Instead, the INSS (National Social Security Institute) will notify you directly about your temporary incapacity leave.

The duration and compensation for sick leave are as follows:

  • Work-related Issues (Professional Contingencies):
    • On the first day of sick leave, you'll receive your full salary.
    • From the day after, you'll receive 75% of your regulatory base, which is the amount mentioned in your pay slip and depends on your salary.
  • Common Issues (Common Contingencies):
    • For the first three days, no payment is made.
    • From the fourth to the twentieth day (20 days in total), you'll receive 60% of the statutory rate.
    • From the 21st day onwards, including that day, you'll receive 75% of the regulatory base.

Remember, the regulatory base is indicated in your pay slip and is based on your salary.